Ipod Sport Kit: More Than Music to Workout by

Listening to music while working out is not a new concept. For many, music provides a diversion to help see them through the monotony of a workout and in some cases can provide the motivation to go the full distance. Several months ago however, the iPod Sport Kit was introduced as the result of a collaborative effort by Apple and Nike, and the pairing of music with a workout has now reached a higher level.

The iPod Sport Kit acts as part coach and part cheerleader allowing runners, or walkers, to select the music that will motivate them throughout their workout as well as providing ongoing voice and graphic feedback regarding the distance already covered, the runner’s pace, and how long they’ve been running. When finished with the workout, a summary of the total distance covered, the number of calories burned, and the runner’s average speed is reported. The feedback provides a powerful tool for setting and achieving fitness goals whether the user is trying to lose a few pounds or prepare for a marathon.

At the conclusion of a workout, runner’s can go back to their PC, transfer workout data from their iPod Nano to the Nikeplus.com site and get a complete evaluation of their performance over time, set goals, and even challenge others using the site. Users can sign up for a free account and also get music for their iPod, obtain a Nike podcast, and learn more about how world renowned athletes are training with their iPod’s.

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SPORT PSYCHOLOGY: Positive Self Talk & Mental Conditioning with Dr. Voight — PART I-Introduction

In this DVD [go to www.drmikevoight.com for more info] Dr. V takes you through 8 different situations that present mental challenges for players and coaches alike on the court or field. Strategies are offered that assist in avoiding negative self talk and instead program one’s self for productive self talk which leads to improved confidence, focus, readiness, and execution.

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